January 18, 2012


Mitt Romney your soul has split
and slid out into five sons
dressed in white leaving
you with blank sheets of
tin for a head. Teleprompter
plugged into your
Ron Paul, the man with interesting ideas
and iron will, but, also a large
capacity to worm into folds
of thought lost on general
public. Sweep up our foreign
encampments, respecfully,
then vanish into the cold.
Rick Santorum sleeps beside angels 10hrs
every night. No assholes in his
line of vision, only prayer and
nothing but the prayer. Face
cringing like a dog getting
Rick Perry the shaky Texan. Eyebrows like
carpet samples, and, well, thanks for
Michelle Bachmann doesn't understand
but, God bless her shiny hair
and oh so gentle reworking
of American history.
Newt Gingrich with jowls a'swinging,
pointer finger out, blames
The Media for everything
then, whirls around and
uses it to sell books. Wife #3
(Callista) w/ lazer eyes
and steel-beam neck.
Herman Cain is fish fish. Pizza champion fish
fish fish, holding hands, cupping
ass, whispering ears, fish fish,
winking across the room, fish
fish fish.

Tree At Butcher Jones (2012)