March 20, 2012

Somerville Scout (March/April)

Lou Cohen and Lou Bunk, co-directors of Opensound. Photo by S.S.
The Sound Between Two Lous: How Opensound co-directors Lou Bunk and Lou Cohen took different paths to end up in the same strange echo chamber ("Somerville Scout", March/April 2012, No. 14)
An artist can hook an idea from anywhere in the sea of creative thought and turn it into something grand, or something shy and minimal. When Lou Bunk bought a new refrigerator he found an intense joy – not in the new slick shelving units, or extra fruit and vegetable bins – but in the tall binding logs of Styrofoam that outlined the refrigerator inside its box. “I felt like I passed through some door in my life,” he says. Bunk made instruments from the Styrofoam, wrapping six or seven rubber bands around each block. [CONTINUE]

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